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Battle Music Loops Pack

This zipped pack of loops includes several battle tracks from EarthBound, even including a few of the Giygas battle tracks. This zip includes the following tracks:
  • Otherworldly Foe
  • Battle Against a Weak Opponent
  • Battle Against a Weird Opponent
  • Battle Against a Mobile Opponent
  • Franky
  • Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent
  • Sanctuary Guardian
  • Battle Against Belch
  • Kraken of the Sea
  • Battle Against a Machine
  • Pokey Means Business (two parts: beginning 8-bit portion (part A) and looped metal portion (part B))
  • Giygas Stirs
  • Giygas' Intimidation
  • Giygas is Wounded!
  • Giygas is Fatally Wounded!

Click on that pesky Mystical Record to download the zip file!

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