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It's impressive that so many people can be dedicated to an unpaid project and produce something so professional in design. They deserve that much. My main problem with it is that they are saving mod support for the end of development which is basically game dev language for it probably won't be good and in that case brickadia will fail to surpass blockland. The fact that mod support isn't a first priority means that they're making a building game, not a sandbox game/mod engine (pretty much what they said) and in that case it's probably gonna be boring as forget.

Hopefully they realize that mod support really needs to be made and needs to be made before all else in order to save them time and money. If they don't, well, that's jjst a loss
While I think you raise some valid concerns here, remember that blockland went through a very similar phase in relation to modding support. It spent several years in alpha with very little modding support, and then once v7 was released, addon packaging was completely revamped to accomodate the new mechanics in the game as well as streamline mod downloading and whatnot.

Brickadia is in a similar situation now where many of its planned core features are not implemented yet, so adding mod support would be pointless as it'd have to be fundamentally redone every time a new update would come out, which would slow down development even further. I'd rather they finish the core features of the game and then implement modding support, once all the core features are in that modding would need to have to actually be fun.

Something Ive seen from youtubers that have tried the game, is that they get a bad first impression of blockland, they get bored, reason why they don't come back
the reason this happens on literally every single outside-party youtuber playing blockland is because people keep hosting garbage server gamemodes with abusive admins.
^^^ the most-viewed video in this category describes this all perfectly.

implying blockland will be alive when brickadia releases
implying brickadia will release at all
This exactly. Blockland is most likely going to be dead by July/August. And judging how other teams tried to create successors, ToonTown Rewritten for example taking literally 2 and a half years to go into open beta where it then just loving died in player base about 4 months later because everyone who loved it when they were young had grown into their early/mid 20s and lost interest, Brickadia is not gonna release until everyone has probably left Blockland to mope about politics/drama somewhere else or to cling onto some other thing that's dying (probably Newgrounds or SCP, the site not the community).
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Iíve seen a lot of people jump on the hate bandwagon. Honestly I think itís a necessary step to revive and reboot Blockland. So far the game looks solid.

the game is fine (if not utterly generic). the problem is layers and layers of obscurity combined with touchy moderators and developers that are terrified of talking to their own community. the whole system just nets negativity

developers that are terrified of talking to their own community.

The developers have been really open to discussing how things are and why they are with the discord, so what do you mean?

The developers have been really open to discussing how things are and why they are with the discord, so what do you mean?
maybe not terrified but there's a certain level of secrecy being demanded by some (or one?) project leads for no clear reason other than the "abandon blockland" thing that trogtor pointed out. definitely they shouldnt be 100% open with everything they do/decisions they make, but the way they handle leaks makes it feel like they are terrified, again for no clear reason.