Author Topic: Call Of Blockland: WWII (WIP - NEED BUILDERS)  (Read 481 times)

This is a WIP project for a Blockland server, emulating the gameplay of Call of Duty: WWII.
I do not expect any positive feedback, but it would be helpful.
I am also looking for experienced builders to help with map design.


Please post pictures this time so we can give you positive feedback. Also aren't you working on block bastion and half Life tdm and metal gear tdm? Shouldn't you at least finish those before starting on a fourth wip project
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I have currently stopped development of those 3 WIP, as this caught my interest more than the others, and I will be posting pictures with this post! (See Below)

(P.S. The fourth screenshot is a secret room, have fun finding it!)

guys i think the secret room is in the dark blue crate :eyes: