ok what is the better game

they're bad and sucks
ithink they all good

Author Topic: Minecraft, Roblox, or Blockland? (Vote fairly) EDIT: Fixed the typo because it w  (Read 716 times)

ok yeah whats the better game.?                 
]tell me whats is![/sup]
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no you cant say brickadiabecause brickadia its not in the poll! ugh

all 3 games suck in their own unique way
but ive played blockland the longest, so it gets my vote

they are all unique games, minecraft lacks a lot in custom gamemode making, (basically any gamemode will have 10˛ steps to make it without coding) roblox is full of prepubescent children that play fortnite tycoon, blockland is dying but i feel it is the easiest out of all 3 games to make gamemodes before coding is required.

multiplayer wise, early minecraft was fun as hell before sprinting and whatnot and you can't say otherwise, roblox can be fun but for the most part its boring as hell, and blockland is a fun game when there are actually players and good gamemodes up throughout the day

nah brother minecraft was fun as hell until that mfing combat update and so help me god id rather vote for roblox purely cause it doesnt have grapple knife

Roblox has always been stuff.
Minecraft started good, and then became stuff. Thanks Microsoft.

Blockland as a game is fine, but the reliance on the community is what makes or breaks it. And right now, it's not looking too bright anymore.

The forums alright tho, and that's all that matters amirite

why is the L in blockland capitalized

why is the L in blockland capitalized
Cause now you gotta take it.

Honestly Minecraft is becoming cool to me, combat update is gr8, the 1.14 textures are great, oceans are cool, lotta new useful blocks and soon villages will be useful. Vanilla will actually be fun to me now, just sucks vanilla servers are non-existent
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Minecraft started good, and then became stuff. Thanks Microsoft.
I thought it died when it got ported to mobile. Letting all the kiddies flood in.

I do love me some Blockalnd!

Blockland is good because you can build a whole lot of things, from detailed builds to large-scale cities.

Minecraft is good, because it updates from time to time, adding lots of rad features and stuff (such as the 1.14 update), and also a limitless amount of possibilites (not really, though).

Roblox is good, because of it's good variety of styles games (places) can have, like Phantom Forces or Flood Escape 2, for example; not to mention the "flexibility"(?) of the scripting, which is based on Lua. HOWEVER, it is infested with bots that spam robux scam links that steals the players' accounts, which are mostly kids, and also the filtering system that forbids us from swearing because kids.
Honestly, Roblox is the least good of the three games, but it has it's own good things.. such a good game going to waste

honestly i like them all though, roblox im a little more biased towards because of playtime but they all have their downs and lows but forget jeb for making the phantoms like let me jusy roam the nigh in peace not everyone has access to wool you loving motherforgeter bastard idiot doodoohead