Author Topic: Help creating a keypad with default events / cRPG security methods  (Read 46 times)

Hi, I've gotten really addicted to CityRPG and would like to protect my drugs better. If anyone could show me a way to create a simple keypad to use, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to seem needy either but if you could also show other ways to protect your drugs would be super helpful.

thanks in advance

You can make a keypad that enables a chain of events on other bricks. i.e. if you press '4' it enabled an event on '7' that enables an event on '3' etc etc.
There isn't a single protection method that works though because anyone can just save the map and look through the .bls for events.

snaily made a fun colour combo lock that was changeable in the back
it was a 1x1 plates stacked in a 2x3 to give 6 buttons, red/green/blue, using projectiles/relays to verify the code

if you post what the interface looks like, i'm sure the events wouldn't be too difficult to come up with (as well as if the code should be mutable or static)