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any distribution company that takes 70% of sales would literally have no clients
you're right, it's probably not the sole contributor.  there's a lot of things taking money away from the final payment going to the game author, other people have posted such above

But its not one end all be all demon taking money from these purchases. It's everything adding up until he isn't making as much money.

Are we talking his net earnings? Or his disposable income. I'm sure he gets like 80% of his sales to keep and 1% of that goes to running the forum and master server. All the rest is his payment lol

It's safe to say hes made an average $100,000 a year off blockland, even taking into consideration the blocklabd-related expenses. That is pretty good. Most people are lucky to sell a thousand copies a year
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Everyone knows Badspot spends ludicrous amounts of his income on drugs.
That's how he forgets Blockland even exists, as drugs are the only way to forget that you're here forever

Also, welcome back

any distribution company that takes 70% of sales would literally have no clients
its not just one company, its the layers of companies, at least for retail games. for online distribution its still rarely lower than 20% (and can go up to 40% cause they can - its still better than 60-70% devs would “lose” from retail sales), and taxes still apply

200,000+ keys ain't loving stuff if all of those keys sold aren't being played. Also consider alts as a thing.

I am speaking strictly on gross profit, not how many people play this game, we all know it's dead as sin, no one cares