Author Topic: what was your first server on blockland?  (Read 1519 times)

what does being "unknown" have do with hosting
It means my overall population of the server was just myself, still to this day when I test mods for any RPG that I do.

nothing probably

or freebuild

Either freebuild or something with zombies.

Shop RP

Just a normal freebuild server but with the old cash mod on.

My first server was a friend's, which him, my brother and I were completely new to the game and trying to figure out how to play.  If only I had the save of our base that covered the entire bottom of the bed.

the first server i played was tezunis prison escape


earliest i can remember is that trainyard tdm server that was also koth iirc. stuff was fuuuuun

Aoki's City RPG
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badspot's block party
iban was there and i'm 90% sure he called me a cigarette because i kept trying to look at his build

Snow Blight RP (Best RP ever F in the chat)

its been a while but I still remember the first server i ever hosted was a little zombie map with a couple houses(mainly built with 1x1 bricks, hah) and a blood trail going through the one house to the basement. it got quite a few players back used rotondo's zombies and fooly's fun commands for turning into a smurf and hiding in the little smurf village nearby. Looking back the build was TERRIBLE but the nostalgia feeling is still those were some fun times

I can't really remember what the first server I ever played was, but I have fond memories from crowns oldest jail escape, space guys cops and robbers, and counts knife tdm