Author Topic: what was your first server on blockland?  (Read 1844 times)

probably around v7, it was "build a boat" in bedroom

My first server was a freebuild server which had blocks literally loving everywhere and at that time I didn't know how to chat or change my name.

joined a bedroom freebuild. the host spawned and flew away in a flying jeep and i was like whaaaat

a fort wars server back in v12 right before v13 dropped iirc

first time I ever played blockland was at my friend's house on Pecon7's boss battles in the bedroom in 2011

agnry faics server in june 2014

First actual gamemode I think I did was just boss battles, but lack of abilities and a decent map since it was just a stolen map at that time.

First server I made is one where it's just me being afk and waiting till people join even though it is just mr block's slide inside the bedroom and firefly joined me and I was happy lol

Some map on Bedroom Dark with Rotondo's gamemode_zombie with a bunch of weapons. Either that, or it was ACM City on Bedroom Evening, with those old SUVs and Pickups by Phydeoux.

Back awhile ago in my squealer phase, I hosted a default freebuild. I usually don't host, because I am so unknown.

I did a default freebuild, pretty obscure. Now I just join servers.

what does being "unknown" have do with hosting