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Author Topic: Will we get another update?  (Read 929 times)

I mean, I hope so...

not likely. there's really not much else to add/do to the game aside from bugs.

it's the community's job to keep the game alive by providing fun and interesting content. if we don't then the game will cease eventually.

Bugfix update? Probably. Content-wise? Nope.

Maybe when blockland sells 100 million copies.

I don't know what you are expecting from a finished 10 year old game

What do we even need besides bug fixes

I hope so. I think there's a lot Blockland could use. I think it would be great to integrate the duplicator/fillcan as default, add in some of the features of Glass/RTB (mainly the detailed server settings), do some quality-of-life improvements like add in environmental presets... There's definitely a lot of stuff that could be done. I think it would be beneficial to grow the playerbase too. Someone coming off the Steam store to play Blockland 100% default might miss a lot of the things we take for granted.

I don't really anticipate a major content update again, unless the tide changes for Badspot or something. We've gotten intermittent small changes for years so who knows! Brickadia really looks promising though.

honestly though badspot can just add faces/decals but that's about it and I think that's all we need.

Because you can't download faces/decals serverside so adding more to the main file is the best solution

what about bass 4 and after school special 2

theres a forgetton of stuff you could add. but none of it will happen if badspots abandoned adding anything new to the game

That's buy Blockland from Badspot and and start giving the game an overhaul :P