Author Topic: Blockland is Pure Cancer  (Read 658 times)

Blockland is now pure cancer, as all of its users are homophobic 11 year olds who like to forget over anyone they don't like. They are the Feminists of Blockland.

forget off you dumbass Blockland Forum admins, because you are part of the damn problem!

chrysi youre like 8

also what did badspot do to anger you lol

well considering both admins havent posted in months (and only post on average 10 times a year) im not sure why you’re targeting them

also feminists tend not to be homophobic, fyi. most feminists are liberals and most liberals support gay rights.

no. ur all wrong. op speaks the truth. we’re at stage 2 please give us guidance. the western medicine is not working 

Lol did they delete your 15 server threads that you made all in one day

Amazing story. The characters and writing were fantastic!

you still aint even answer my question, do you or do you not wanna throw trannies and cigarettes off cliffs?