Author Topic: If you could send a message to space, what would it be?  (Read 688 times)


I'm looking for interesting results from this

Can we have that slice of pizza back?

This is a radio transimission from the planet Earth.

We know you are out there somwhere.

We are comming.

Hail Mankind.

the game
forget forget YOUF UCK forget forget YOU FU CK YOU forget

Probably to stay the hell away from earth. No really, the area around earth, especially low orbit, is a minefield of space junk flying at speeds greater than mach 10. It's a miracle scientists are still able to track and identify major threats, let alone keep the ISS from exploding. But it's only getting worse - because that junk is going to hit other stations/satellites and create more debris which will hit more junk etc. It can only get worse, and as for beings trying to get in contact with earth or bypass the junk and land on earth - don't.

We treat our own like stuff already, imagine how we would treat extraterrestrial beings. We've got at least another 2.5 thousand more years of evolution before we finally realize that conflict only breeds conflict. Or, most of us do anyway.

Send your planet's best food to (coordinates to my house)