Author Topic: Where did everyone go? | Current State of Blockland  (Read 1873 times)

kenko no centrists allowed

I have a pet goldfish and his name is ryan

where did ryan go i was keeping him in a coca cola bottle but i cant find him anymore?

matthew and lord tony probably single-handedly drove like 40% of the user-base away

id been drove off too if i had to listen to baby tony complain about polls being rigged for the 549873th time and then make another political news thread and actually have the thoguht of "this stuffs never gonna end" actually go through my thick loving skull

i think the people that actually stuck with the game are busy with life tbh

That game whe/re you build stuff
more like
That game that gets boring after like a month

i lost interest so i kind of just died silently

I'd play more if projectile events worked for loving bots so I don't need to add a thousand projectiles.

people grew up and moved on my dude. I sometimes log back into the forums to see if any of the old users are still hanging around though, surprised to see some familiar names around, but the forums definitely look dead compared to just a few years ago.