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(big thanks to Qube for the logo :0)

Conan, Zeustal, irrel, DessertSource, The Brighter Dark, Allun Pentax, Qube, Sentry, Trinko, Dart, and c[_] bring you Farming - coded, built, and modeled from the ground up!

-What is this?-
Build, explore, and farm on this expansive map to earn money and grow your business! Even if you don't
want to farm, there's plenty to see and explore, and other ways you can make money to buy vehicles and items.
Building is completely free, as well as your first plot of land, so freebuilds are allowed and encouraged!

-How do I farm?-
Farming is very simple - buy dirt, buy seeds, plant the crops, and water them! No need for tilling or weeding,
and crops don't die from dehydration! And no /slash commands to mess with either - everything is an item!

As you expand, you can purchase items, vehicles, bricks, and crops to increase your income and make it
easier to farm! Refer to the ingame tutorial for more information.

Open Friday! Keep updated by joining Conan's Di$cord, or following this topic.

Donators get perks like golden tools, a special name, hats, and the ability to refresh
special sales from limited-time seller bots! More perks will come as the server grows :0

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all our crops watered with gamer girl pee

qube is such a forgetn nerd

logo letters not being at same interval bother me aa

Looks really laid back, cool idea guys

logo letters not being at same interval bother me aa
you pointed it out and now i can't unsee it

Looks really laid back, cool idea guys
server also has a no drama and no slur policy so hopefully it'll be chill for everyone

block city: redneck edition