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imagine getting upset over swearing

Imagine thinking you can just say "monday" where ever you go without consequence.

to be fair a farm is one place where you will often hear "monday"

this filter also helps us find undesirable users and purge them, keeping the experience a pleasant one for people who actually want to play the gamemode rather than stuffpost.

and steals your money like a loving jew?
Did I say I was being tribal?

Does antisemite suit you better?

I joined the server once, but then the lag went sicko mode, dumbass slow computer of mine.

Bump since its coming back this summer

Bump since its coming back this summer
heck yeah, can't wait to try it out

god what i'd do to have one of those cacti rammed up my sphincter

may the rain gods smile down upon us

*plants conan into the ground and he grows into a wonderful code-plant*

server goin up on friday :)