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Post some pictures or share with others about your plans for this game.

I'm currently making my Star Wars First Strike gamemode and working out some issues. I'm limiting this to five maps for the time being.

i WAS making a McDonald's but my PC was obliterated and i only hosted it once so i doubt anyone saved it

farming - pics are in zeustals commune topic

I have two semi-active projects;
The first is a combination of pre-recorded footage in Blockland and the game, Planet Coaster, to tell a story on escaping Badspot's cave while on a save file tour.  All I have is a few sets and the script complete.  Nothing was started in Planet Coaster yet because I'm waiting to have all the footage rendered, and need a good amount of photos for the forum topic, where I will need subpar ratings for the tour agency to be displayed on the ride queue, and also find a really small cast of voice actors.

My other project is a game mode similar to The Stanley Parable and Zealott's Tomb Adventure.
The similarities lie more with Stanley Parable as I plan to have fully-voiced acting and replayability, something Tomb Adventure didn't have.  The hardest part is writing my own original endings and dialogue. I do have a basic story laid out that uses a series of teleportation events to create the illusion of an infinite maze leading to different choices, but nothing really worth showing now. Everything will run off VCE events to drive the story segments, which helps if players admin orb into a room, no events will get triggered when they enter a zone in the map. I'll also use it to check if any dialogue is being played or not (0=no  1=yes) all applied to the client.

^ Great to hear such ambition in Blockland nowadays!

I started working on this again.

I'm slowly progressing through my Zombie RP map, the terrain is finished with a friend's help, now that's left besides that is to work on the city and everything else. It's going to be ambitious, but I can manage it. I built so many versions before so I have the experience to build another Zombie RP map.

i respect your mother and i, in no way, will insult her.
aww thank you :)

I mean I could use some ideas, I've kinda got all my projects to a decent stopping point.

I mean I could use some ideas, I've kinda got all my projects to a decent stopping point.
Iíve had some ideas about making a classic re styled game using camera bricks and the top down playertype

I've thought of doing old classic like games like using camera events to do a resident evil game, I've made a top down script to do a old zelda like game before as well but I never went anywhere with it. But these are projects I feel like wouldn't be fun to do alone.

a modter adventure that has absolutely nothing to do with blockland - but is made in blockland. i think i figured out how im gonna do all the models for the game which has been one of the big roadblocks keeping me from working on this: