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im not calling you stupid im calling you creative. your brain either focuses on remembering patterns or storing it, people who are better at the first (men usually) are able to blow through video games and never enjoy them fully, while people who are better at the latter (women usually) are able to spend time on many patterns because their brain focuses on storing them to build a vast collection of creative knowledge. people in the first category end up playing video games for a significantly shorter period of their lives than the latter. everyone thinks and enjoys games differently
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where did you learn/read about the stuff you have been posting?

A lot of game design books, gdc talks, gamasutra articles. Namely a theory of fun in video games. I also hate video games with a passion
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Ive been burnt out with games for at-least 4 years now. Ironically, around the same time I started perusing game development as an industry focus.
As a person who was always very picky with games, studying them just made that worse. That and I'm getting old.

I am also tired of buncha games I own, even multiplayer games that usually keep me entertained for years
Single player games are amazing, but after Ive beaten them, I never touch them again in like a year

For me, the best way to keep me entertained is by playing games where you have to communicate with others, like Squad
People can be really interesting, and every new match I play, its like a whole new experience

I was until I moved like three weeks ago and got decent internet for the first time in like five years but I've played like 14 hours of titanfall 2 over the last two weeks and basically I love it

games become unfulfilling if you use them solely for escapism

I've only played like 6-7 of those games back and forth over the past four months.

thank god i'm not alone. I haven't been able to enjoy video games for the past two years or so. the only time I play games anymore is for nostalgia for particular old games I used to play but even then I struggle to play them for long sessions at a time because it just gets so boring. then there's smash bros which I only play with friends now because I love the competitive and technical aspects of it and the rush of pulling something off or improving in some way and I also just enjoy being around friends more than I do playing games in general. I think PhantOS explained it really well but I wish it were different. I miss being able to get a new game, sit down and binge it and enjoy every moment of it, even if it wasn't a "good" game by modern standards. I guess it's a testament to how your priorities change as you get older and seek more fulfillment than whatever rush the lights on  the screen give you. Stranger still is that despite my inability to enjoy playing games now I love watching other people play games on youtube and stuff like that. That could just be the result of my recent association of exclusively playing games with people so I'd rather "share" the experience of a game being played.

Things are more fun when you're with someone.

that last line is extremely important - humans are social creatures. we can only tolerate solitude tor so long, and most games are really only played alone, without face to face interaction. online multiplayer doesnt really cut it when it comes to replacing social interaction

Things are more fun when you're with someone.
This is definitely true, the only game I enjoy is rocket league with school friends, otherwise I can't spend more than 20 minutes let alone be bothered to boot a game up.

i get bored very fast when i question if theres a point or not to playing the game