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"I'm here to kick ass and drink apple juice... and I'm all out of apple juice."

rules of the trade
1. if you raid any servers, games or whatever, you aren't in buddy pal.
2. don't intentionally start arguments you peabrain.
3. treat people how they treat you.
    ex. if someone calls you a dunce you can call them a dunce back.
4. if an admin tells you to stop, stop.
5. share the discord invite link with others without permission from the big man himself, then i will kick your ass.
these rules are posted in the #rules channel in the server incase you ever need to look back at them.


Q: What do you do here at Manbaby Daycare?
A: forget around, plaster the clan name on stuffty addons and builds (((made by us))) and have game nights every other loving decade.

Q: Sounds fantastic! How can I join?
A: pm me, and if you are a certified server raider, troll, or general friend, then you're lucky forgeted because you ain't getting in.

Q: How do I become an admin?
A: if i trust you enough

Q: Has anybody actually asked any of these questions?
A: no

members (lost souls)
captin crunch cereal/Captain Crunch Cereal

SuperMalleo64/giggity giggity goo
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won't this be just a clean and beautiful discord server

won't this be just a clean and beautiful discord server
damn right its not

mrmbag and captain crunch 😬

mrmbag and captain crunch 😬
sir leave the store its after closing