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Blockland is offically 11 years old (or 15 years if you count the prototype!) So in order to celebrate the game's birthday I have decided to sketch everyone as the flag of Blockland is flying. Of course I am posting this at 2AM PST before I crash so I'll work on it earlier, but here's the current sketch

The people in the drawing are from left to right
  • Quadroline (me)
  • Gui2203
  • Trogtor(? I may get your character wrong, let me know if I did(uncomplete))
  • Modder(Cyto (uncomplete))
If you want to your character in, let me know here are the rules
  • Have it be either your blockhead character or persona of yours
  • No copyrighted characters.
The deadline is when Blockland's Birthday is officially over (February 25th, 2019) That's all!

There are some people I want to add in but don't worry this won't interfere with the stuff I mentioned above

The Flag of blockland is a Impact font B on the blue banner.
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ooo me me
my ingame name is hammer editor and my avatar is basically just the zombie bot

O say can you see
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eh alright im up

alternatively you can just draw a doomguy and call it a day
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So in order to celebrate the game's birthday I have decided to sketch everyone
why do you want our avatar and blockland retail is 12 years old

yea put me in

Need character. I can't base it off from your icon due to it being a copyrighted character, Sorry.

Also update!

From left to right now
  • Jif (appearing as an actual Peanut Butter Jar that his name is based on)
  • Quadroline (Me)
  • Gui2033
  • Trogtor (replaced a leg with a peg)
  • Mongler(Who looks like a Cuphead character now forget)
  • ModderTheFox(Cyto)
  • GalaticBrainDentist(almost finished)