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I have started to make a Tranlator for Blockland but I need some help, I need a GUI Maker/Scripter and Other Helps its not a hard task just takes along time. :D

Translator as in Languages? why would we need that?

ok this has happend to me like 7 times when you see a server and you join it and 1 out of 6 speacks english so the person who speaks English doesn't talk english because there more others ok but With the translater when thay talk in Dutch it comes out english when you talk in English it comes out Dutch Thats Good? and That if a Person thats joins doesn't know much English at all so there craping them slefs because thay don't under stand.
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Well youve made alot of typos,but the  :cookieMonster: heard it. He said that it will be a good idea.Since alot of times he joins a server that has the server name english then all the people are like some other language.

Also this should be in suggestions.

This would be hard and very time consuming to do, unless you already have a translator made and just want to put it in blockland...

You would need a dictionary with a database of words.  This would make your mod huge, and it would be a literal translation, so a lot of it wouldn't make sense.

If someone did make it with a few languages, it would probably be at least 250 MB.

Ive concidered making guis with langauge options, but never really got around to it.

Well It was in Suggtions but BS deleted it any way I started it Mostly Words you whould use in Blockland any why I'm using a Translator From a Website but really words you whould use Please Suggest some...

You would need German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwiegen, Finnish, and whatever combination of German and French the speak in Switzerland.

Well I'm starting off with Dutch and English beta.

Have you done anything yet, or is this just all talk so far?

you should cover asain laguages too (i told my relatives about this game)

you should cover asain laguages too (i told my relatives about this game)
oh no oh! no! OH NO!!!!