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have you checked your old xbox live friends list and see the old people you used to play halo 3 with daily? can we give a moment of silence for the gamers lost in the seas of time

Last Online 11 years ago

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😔 let us honor the fallen

I had this friend from TF2 that went offline for 6 years straight and then came back like a year ago. Anything can happen.

those random forumers who just  stopped posing one day and haven't gone online since

Shoutout to those that went offline shortly after halo reach fell out of popularity too

i hope all my halo brothers doing their finest im sorry for switching to CoD, blops 1 was too good

im sorry for switching to CoD, blops 1 was too good

I've used to play blops1 with one friend during 7th grade but we had a little falling out and I've never really seen him online after that and to this day i still feel upset about it  :panda:

i had one guy add me on steam then after he never went online for years