Author Topic: warning! not a drill! a roblox youtuber played blockland again...  (Read 4459 times)

this guy's name is konnekokitten. and he plays blockland in this video
he starts off saying how it's not a copy. but there is one thing he got wrong.
it's not dead. it's because your playing 2 in the morning lol. and then at the end he says how it's different
share your thoughts please
this is related to blockland

yea he shoulda tried playing it at daytime as well. glad he took a more truthful approach to this game rather than someone like that flamingo/albertsstuff guy

blockland copied lego creator

Roblox copied Roblox Ongshdhghsjdjdnajd

I mean roblox came before blockland

I mean roblox came before blockland
did it though? because according to Wikipedia, Blockland's first release date was November 15, 2004. Roblox on the other hand has just one release date and that being August 27th 2006. Idk if that's completely accurate since that's only Wikipedia's answers, but if im wrong then just let me know.

this guys voice is so annoying. otherwise ok video
anyways why didnt he raise graphic settings above minimum. is he handicapped or somethin

i'm sure most people just assume every game has automatic graphics settings

used to watch this guy a while back but actually glad he wasnt one of those huge roblox youtubers that claim blockland is a complete ripoff or a complete garbage game