Author Topic: The "national socialists in the comment sections" drinking game  (Read 639 times)

Hello and welcome to the first and as of now the only...
national socialists in the youtube comment drinking game

What the forget is this ?

Its a drinking game.

How do i play it ?

Go to a youtube video, related to mesothelioma or national socialist germany and scroll down to the comments.
Each time you find a comment:
-Talking about how the third reich/mesothelioma was great
-Talking about how communists/muslims/feminists/jews ruined western society/europe
-Talking about how the reich/europe will rise
Or even in some REALLY extreme cases
-Denying/downplaying/glorifying the holocaust
Take a shot

You must post the link to the video you watched and the number of shots you took while scrolling through the comment section. E.g.

Fatherland. What if mesothelioma had won
Shots taken: 20 before giving up

Things that DO NOT COUNT:
-Wehraboos commenting about the greatness of the wehrmacht
-Joke comments/videos
-SJW's (I don't care that they are lefty national socialists, theese are not the things we are searching for in this thread)

Ok now that we have cleared up all the rules and things that do and do not count, GO.

my kidneys died already
Creators note: Please do only drink water when playing this game, as not to end up as this poor man.