Author Topic: twitter wants to remove things again for no reason  (Read 481 times)

"twttr". i can not state with words how much i hate silicon valley brand names. if this happened i hope we all call it Twatter

Our update can't be unpopular if you can't see the lack of likes/retweets!

twitters down the stuffter

can the person who posted the tweet still see the numbers or?

" -Retweet and Like numbers are hidden to be more 'friendly' "
How is not seeing info more user friendly?

people really cried this forgetin hard after getting ratio'd for saying stupid stuff lmfao

just comment "like" everytime that you like a post and then people can just ctrl f

I feel like the more companies are exposed to the open world, the more their shareholders and userbase demand BS.
Like... if Twitter did this to appease their shareholders, which are holding them hostage or the whole thing goes down, then this isn't their fault inherently. They're a company being a company.
If twitter did this to appease some forgetwits on their platform who can't take popularity for saying dumb things, it's a different story. But this seems like it's to please shareholders, as hiding likes and retweets isn't inherently related to anything bad.
The thing is, why? Why would their shareholders make them butcher their platform? The answer: Who knows. More "proactive" enforcement and policy changes probably means they're going to do something big soon which is inevitably going to backfire, which might be related to it.

If it's a toggleable feature, it'll be like hiding BL IDs by default.