Author Topic: New Zealand's confusing Christian Mosque gets shot up.  (Read 7601 times)

Police have arrested 4 people

27 people are dead and IED's have been found on multiple vehicles

i'm not sure wether to laugh or be concerned

My guess is the first shooter posted the manifesto and started the first shooting then the other 3 were inspired to do the same.

the guy who tried to tackle him in the hallway died a hero's death. shame.

what goes down in the video

what goes down in the video
From what I heard he rolls in at the first mosque and grabs some weapons that have been inscribed with all the wars the Muslims had lost. He makes it in the mosque and shoots multiple people and walks out. He reloads and walks back in to finish off those who were injured or already dead.

what goes down in the video
dude drives to mosque place, pulls out a bunch of weapons, opens up with shooting some dudes in the front with a shotgun, then finishes pretty much the whole building off with an AR, then drives away and shoots some people through his windows during that

wait so hes still alive?!?!

thank you for the summany

want to see the video out of morbid curiousty

this honestly really is just forgeted, i hope the 4 of them get whats coming as they bloody deserve it

i saw some phone footage of a van rammed by the police and a blurred out dude on he ground surrounded by police. unconfirmed though.

this was really awful, i've seen my share of shock and gore videos but the livestream really made me sick to the core.

what in the god damn forget
i swear to god the entirety of the internet should be nuked, this doesnt benefit humanity we need to shut down everything