Author Topic: RE: Vehicle mount/emitter limit?  (Read 179 times)

My other topic was too old to bump.

I started this project in '16 and ran into some issues and stopped, then picked it up again. I did this a few times over the last few years since then. I still haven't fixed the problem.

I had another user send me code to fix this issue but I could not figure out how to implement it into my script without syntax errors, and when it did work without said errors, the code did nothing.

Basically I modeled an F-22 Raptor with one mountpount for the driver, two mounts for the engines, and another two for the contrails at the wing tips. All the emitters show up except for one of the contrails, so instead of two theres just just one showing up.

I can post the scripts if anyone asks for it. I might need more in-depth explanation on implementing this code because I am still a novice and have absolutely no experience with torquescript as I just model.