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Misc Weapons

06/02/2019   Fixed a bug which caused the dbshotgun to not work
03/31/2019   Oops fixed a major issue, if you are one of the 20 people to have downloaded prior you should.. redownload
03/31/2019   Fixed the damage on the silenced pistol and decreased its ROF
03/30/2019v2 Released, v1.3 -> v2 changelog

SWeps [^]
Version 2.0.1

Hey forgeters, massive SWeps update

over 2 years of fine tuning
blood effects
wonderful soundwork (some credit to arekan)
incontestable quality and detail
See what the critics are saying

Bullets make a whizzing sound when they fly by you
Weapons have a heat system, if you spray your aim will suffer
Weapons have damage falloff based on distance and gun (shotguns unaffected)
Weapons deal damage depending on where on the body they hit (shotguns unaffected)
Stomach    x1

A sidearm to pair with any primary

Small rounds
25 DMG
12 Ammo

A box that sprays bullets

Small rounds
13 DMG
32 Ammo
High ROF

A handheld cannon

Magnum rounds
Must hold down trigger to fire
48 DMG (250 DMG Headshot)
6 Ammo
Very Low ROF

DB Shotgun
Hasta la vista, baby

Shotgun rounds
12*30 DMG (360 Max) (Wide Cone)
2 Ammo

Combat Shotgun
Did somebody call SWAT?

Shotgun rounds
14*14 DMG (196 Max) (Narrow Cone)
6 Ammo

Assault Rifle
Government imposed terrorism

Medium rounds
Better recoil control
25 DMG
20 Ammo
Medium ROF

The perfect gun to liberate a country with

Medium rounds
Weaker recoil control
25 DMG
30 Ammo
Medium ROF

Lever Rifle
Get to that grassy knoll

Magnum rounds
50 DMG (150 DMG Headshot)
3 Ammo

The fatherforgeter of all conventional firearms

Heavy rounds
Shots ring out loud and true across the map
40 DMG
75 Ammo
High ROF

SWeps EXT [^]
Version 1

Sneaky sniper

Crossbow bolts
95 DMG
1 Ammo
Very Low ROF

Grenade Launcher
No gods no kings

40mm Grenades
Boom DMG
1 Ammo
Very Low ROF

I just want to start a flame in your heart

Flamer Fuel
Low Range, Extreme Damage
Weapon does not reload, uses any flamer ammo you have
Fire DMG

Frag Grenade
Get behind cover!

Fires out shrapnel, if you aren't behind cover when this thing explodes near you, you will die
Boom DMG

Control any mob with gasoline in a bottle

Fire DMG

Wait for it....

After throwing out some C4, trigger it with right click, can pickup your own c4 by clicking on it
Boom DMG

Mix with my blood

Heals you for 75 hp over time

Download SWeps

Download SWeps_Ext
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Extra Addons that don't fit into a pack  [^]

Flare Gun
The war boys are coming

When fired into the air explodes into a flare to alert
deals fire damage

Download SWeps_Flaregun

Tommy Gun
Its starting to feel like the 20s

.45 ACP
17 DMG
50 Ammo
High ROF

Download SWeps_TommyGun

Generic AF

Small Rounds
17 DMG
25 Ammo
High ROF

Download SWeps_UMP

Silenced Pistol
Fires sneaky bullets

Small Rounds
20 DMG
12 Ammo

Download SWeps_SilPistol

Wasteland Sniper
Control the entire map

Sniper Rounds
50 DMG (250 DMG Headshot)
Instant Raycast
Right click to scope
If you have selectiveghosting, will create lens flares at a distance
5 Ammo

Download SWeps_WSniper


Giant melee package, it has its own topic here:

View SWeps_Melee

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/!\ NOTICE /!\

If you have SWeps_Ak47 or SWeps_GrenadeLauncher
delete these from your addon folder as they are now part of SWeps and SWeps_Ext respectively

Every one of your Sweps addons must be updated to the ones here, otherwise stuff may not work properly

Prefs [^]
$Pref::Swol_ReserveAmmo       booltrueTurns on reserve ammo, requiring you to pick up ammo
$Pref::Swol_NoAmmoboolfalseGuns do not need to reload at all
$Pref::Swol_NoBulletWhizboolfalseDisable bullet fly by sound effects
$Pref::Swol_BulletWhizOutOfMinigameboolfalseAllow bullet fly by effects to happen outside of minigames
$Pref::Swol_SWepsBloodbooltrueEnables the blood effects in the gun pack
$Pref::Swol_SWepsRicochetsDamageboolfalseAllows bullet ricochets (on revolver and lever rifle) to deal 33% damage[/td
$Pref::Swol_SWepsPrefLeverRifleScopeboolfalseputs a scope on the model of the lever rifle (not useable but looks nice) (requires restart)
$Pref::Swol_SWeplovetraAmmoBoxesboolfalseadds additional ammo datablocks for model variety (mostly adds closed ammo box variants and heavy crate)
$Pref::Swol_SWepsDisableAmmoBoxDB           bool        false          disables the ammo box items (only use if you dont plan on using reserve ammo and want less clutter in item menu) (requires restart)

Partial ChangeLog from v1.3 -> v2 [^]

Many changes were made, these are the major ones i can remember and am allowed to legally disclose

You must now hold down the trigger for 0.18s to fire the revolver

Added to the pack
3 shots, does headshot damage

looping distant sound effect system added
firerate increased
firing sound made better
damage increased
spread increased
heat spread increased
ammo capacity decreased from 200 -> 75

added to the pack
heat spread increased considerably, making it no longer deadly accurate when spraying

Assault Rifle
ammo decreased from 30 to 20
model updated

damage increased from 20 -> 25 considerably buffing the pistol

spread increased, damage decreased

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Flare Gun
The war boys are coming

Tommy Gun
Its starting to feel like the 20s

The perfect combo
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So glad you did this. You’re truly one of the greatest people we’ve ever had for this game.

i feel like shooting legs should have some sort of strategic value rather than just being 0.75 damage. maybe a temporary slowdown debuff that stacks to a certain point?

So glad you did this. You’re truly one of the greatest people we’ve ever had for this game.
This makes me moist.
hecking nice
thank you, if it werent for the constant support I would never bother to release anything

i feel like shooting legs should have some sort of strategic value rather than just being 0.75 damage. maybe a temporary slowdown debuff that stacks to a certain point?
legs having lower damage discourages leg aiming which is a trend i noticed evolve from blockland combat because of the crouching hit box and uniform damage of weapons meaning with most blockland weapons you have absolutely no reason not to aim for the legs since your bullets will then hit them whether or not they are crouching, the combat flow that evolves from this weapon pack encourages the use of strategic crouching to avoid damage in the right scenarios, you are rewarded heavily for shooting players higher up on the body, crouching poses a significant risk since it will increase the damage you recieve by ~110% but will decrease your hitbox

also worth noting the smgs actually have a stacking slow debuff on them because the knockback is a lot higher than the other guns making it difficult to move while being shot by them

Also: released an update to the silenced pistol to make it more balanced and viable
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what happened to those cool vehicles in the mad max battle royale thing

what happened to those cool vehicles in the mad max battle royale thing
they aren't part of the weapon pack...
the code for them is in one of my content dumps i posted a while ago but theyre really embedded in the gamemode, eventually i might take them out and make them stand alone

god yes i cant imagine why people would not install all of these mods and use them together, it doesnt feel right otherwise