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they aren't part of the weapon pack...
the code for them is in one of my content dumps i posted a while ago but theyre really embedded in the gamemode, eventually i might take them out and make them stand alone
o ok

hell yea!!!! *does da charleston


does this pack mess with fov in any way?

does this pack mess with fov in any way?
not under normal circumstances
only with one extremely specific easter egg that you have to go out of your way to activate

Are there any planned updates as of right now?

Are there any planned updates as of right now?
yea shes hiring me to remake all of the models

well either way it should

theres a grand total of 5 custom sweps one of which doesn't work I think we could use the extra content

just cause we can use more content doesnt mean we’ll get it. i could really use a few hundred hours to decompress and work on stuff thats been building up but the laws of space time refuse to let me pause time

just cause we can use more content doesnt mean we’ll get it. i could really use a few hundred hours to decompress and work on stuff thats been building up but the laws of space time refuse to let me pause time
id say a bit more than a few hundred hours is about how much time was put into this pack LOL
Are there any planned updates as of right now?

well either way it should
theres a grand total of 5 custom sweps one of which doesn't work I think we could use the extra content
Since you did understand my message, let me really spell it out for you
this pack is very heavily quality over quantity, there's no point for 4 shotguns or 8 assault rifles
each gun fills its own role and is balanced together with the rest of the pack, this is a complete package

Heres a quick rundown of how the weapons were designed with an extremely strong emphasis on gameplay in mind

All the secondaries fill a different role as a secondary, its important to talk about them first as each one is supposed to be used in tandem with a respective
primary weapon from the pack

+the pistol compliments all primaries as being a little bit of kick when you need it

+the sub machine guns are good at preventing enemies from escaping and for gouging people from the side, they won't win in a 1v1 with an assault rifle, also the sub machine gun is the only gun that will notably mess with your movement by affecting your velocity, its perfect for tagging enemies

+the revolver is a high risk reward weapon the is heavily biased towards skill, the DPS for missed shots is abhorrently low compared to every gun in this pack, it stands out in this regard as the pro secondary a proper dodge with crouch or evasive maneuvers will render it worthless compared to the other secondaries

They excel at close range high damage encounters and should be paired with a strong secondary to make up for the lack of range, like the revolver or SMG
the double barrel shotgun is the absolute up close and personal weapon, its great for sneaking up on people or enclosed areas
the combat shotgun sports a much longer damage range and requires more aiming than the db shotgun

+Assault Rifles
These excel at all ranges and are all around the most meta weapons, they are meant to be paired with the pistol as they are strong in their own regards
the assault rifle has superior accuracy over the AK47 but less ammo, they both do virtually the same DPS although the assault rifle fires very very slightly faster, the ak47 is harder to master but is better at killing multiple people with the increased ammo, where as the assault rifle can take out enemies at a range more efficiently, although they can both fill both roles, each of them shines in their own regard

Depending on the focus of the gamemode you may want to weaken snipers, these weapons go very well with pistols to finish off close range opponents
If you want snipers to be a strong class then they should be paired with a sub machine gun, but never the revolver
the lever rifle is simple a combat sniper, it does high damage all around and has a low rate of fire if youre following so far, most primaries have a similar but different functioning weapon, which would be the crossbow, has a much lower fire rate, but its very hard to track projectiles from the crossbow making it sneakier, and also does higher damage, killing even with upper body shots, the trade off is the crossbow is probably one of the worst weapons at close range in the entire pack

These weapons are unlike eachother but all hold a special role

the m60 or LMG is a special weapon, it has a high ammo capacity very high firerate, and very high damage, and incredibly bad spread control, its main purpose is to be terrifying and it does so at most ranges but is very vulnerable to both rushers and snipers designed in mind for use by a tankier slow player or as a reward, optionally its power can be limited with ammo rarity

the flamer is also a special weapon, it is the other weapon intended to be absolutely terrifying by blinding your opponents with fire and killing them extremely quickly, you see someone with a flamer you get the forget away

the grenade launcher is a good weapon at range at eliminating vehicles and enemies inside buildings, its extremely powerful but very slow at firing, its intended to have its power limited by ammo, so it does become a little over powered when used with unlimited ammo, it is the only explosive firing weapon, when it really comes down to it, a rocket launcher is just a grenade launcher except better, so theres no loving point in making one as the grenade launcher is already over powered as it is


The grenades are split into 3 categories respectivley: Offensive, Mid/Utility, and Defensive

+the frag grenade is the perfect anti camp weapon, learning how to use it properly, how long to cook it, the angles will open up so many possibilities in combat, either killing people out in the open or people behind walls or in buildings
+the molotov is intended to either flush people out of areas you don't want them in or to prevent them from going in certain areas, its easy to avoid but you cannot stay in the location, it is used to control people, this weapon is less direct in the way it works but it can be used to entrap players or to escape them
+C4 is a defensive grenade that can be used to prevent people from chasing you or by camping with it to kill unsuspecting people, but can absolutely not be used offensively

+the health syringe is its own item... simple, it heals you, no other variant of this needs to exist

the additional weapons that don't fit into the two main packs were either made for fun or for specific gamemodes
+the flare gun is a utility weapon used to signal to people from long distance
+the UMP is actually a compliment to the SMG, although they are very similar the UMP has better accuracy but a lower fire rate and less ammo, the SMG doesnt need the UMP to stand as a secondary though
+the silenced pistol has a lower rate of fire and less damage than the pistol but its very hard to tell where youre being attacked from giving the user an advantage, it should only be used in asymmetrical gamemodes and is not intended to be thrown into any gamemode with this weapon pack
+the wasteland sniper is only intended for giant open maps and is extremely butt forget overpowered, it was created for the mad max gamemode, and the entire mad max gamemode is balanced around the sniper rifle, it will really offset the balance of any map or game if you do not take it into account
+the tommygun is just a joke weapon it was made for funsies

In conclusion each weapon was designed to fill a specific role or niche, they all function better or worse in specific gamemodes, this pack is designed to fill every possible role that should be necessary, along with an extreme attention to detail including but ABSOLUTELY not limited to every single bit of the model, animation, sound, and effects are crafted to in my eyes what i would perceive as perfection not even including easter eggs and additional things I have hidden into them just for the experience, along with all aforementioned concepts every gameplay mechanic is considered with each weapon individually and as a pack as a whole; every gun is supposed to feel good to use and serve its role as designed

tl;dr: forget you, I make addons for myself and spend extra countless hours of time just to make them usable for other people to enjoy