Author Topic: opi is IP tracking people  (Read 3124 times)

/noedit he has at&t so me and y0shi don't think it's a vpn
rip edd he had his internet fried

*this info is going to the fcc or fbi*
he lives near the picture: is his ip address
opi is gonna have a good time.
credits for y0shi for the ip

your ip address does not show your exact location. if it did then i live in completely different state.

you know it's bad when people start going on my server

i had like 20 people on at a point whenever opi brung down a bunch of other servers and opi joined and then he ddosed mine after like 4 attempts

Blockhead37399 and ( (216093) talk about swatting opi and tilley:


street no.

street, city and state in this pic

well they didn't rly talk about ddosing tilley but ya

what the actual forget is going on right now

brother iím not opi how would you think that

psa to all: if some skid is ddosing you the only thing that comes out of ddosing them back is their mom gets kicked off of netflix. donít swat people

Opi's bitch is bouncing on my loving richard

imagine going low enough to put someone in danger and waste government resources because they messed with your lego brick game

tilley isnt opi and lying about murder for a swat team to pop up isnt ok

( is apparently opis account so either he got hijacked or opi is being retarded

imagine being such a crater brain thinking you can find someones exact location with an ip address