Author Topic: things you find painfully unfunny  (Read 3528 times)

i keep seeing this persons vids getting reposted everywhere and each one is just painfully unfunny.

post your opinions on what you think is painfully unfunny

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stupid infantile "doggo" talk and poems

Anything that relies on shock and awe as a punchline.

making irony a part of your personaility and covering up stuffty jokes as Bro Its Ironic Chill Out... always bothers me

stupid infantile "doggo" talk and poems
aw what about the good puppers
forgetin hell i thought i was the only one who thought this was unfunny
why do people think this hot garbage is funny
stupid infantile "doggo" talk and poems
also this

Most of the instagram memes are unbearable and unworthy of being called a meme.
The yeyegirl/east boy songs or whatever loving generic platitude of songs being reacted to on Tiktok.

I'm only on there for a select few quality meme pages but sometimes garbage slips by.

instagram memepages are actively killing memes, they can barely last a few days until some conceited starfish convinces his other memepage boyfriends that they're "dead"

granted a lot of stuff memes died thanks to that, like bowsette and the big chungus/shaggy stuff, but a lot of good ones go away too soon. also forget the antman going up thanos' ass meme.
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antman crawling up thanos' starfish
it didnt even have a good run, one person made the joke and people with no imagination just ripped it off like blockland ripped off minecraft.