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Interesting website that will generate mashups of multiple songs or videos.
Things I made: - This one actually turned out pretty damn good. - Another gem. - Trip Machine x Afronova. - Trip Machine ~SP Mix~ - Paranoia x Trip Machine ~Jungle Mix~ - Paranoia MAX - Paranoia KCET - This one turned out okay.
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i had a friend that worked at rave lol

the dj is pretty neat

redbone by childish gambino x stuck by limp bizkit

forget me why did i think combining pretty much the same song was a good idea?

im gonna make death grips + death grips

some are funny, a few are good but mostly not that great. still nice to see what this thing can do tho
(lots of rap music)
this actually works rlly cool. Thank u for showing me this

can't stop by red hot chili peppers + battle sirens by knife party. that was surprisingly ok
death grips - takyon + blur - intermission
it could be better tbh

tried to mix maniac and far from over and it just fell apart lol
also I made this monstrosity
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SPACE JAM IS ONLINE (space jam + death grips)

edit: im crying what the forget did i make

galo sengen + duck sauce
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