Author Topic: How do I stop blockland glass from updating add ons?  (Read 648 times)

I have a modified version of total RPG on BL glass and they keep trying to update it which will completely overwrite my modified version.

I'm afraid of accidentally hitting yes.

How do I prevent this?

modified version of the file on your own copy of BL, or uploaded to BL glass?
if it's local, you could probably just set it to read only or change the name of the folder

Could also probably change the version.txt to make it think you have the current version.

delete the json files in the addon zip

Glass doesn't maintain an updater, just installs Support_Updater. Rename the file.

Unplug the network cable from your computer and then it won't be able to connect to the update servers.

There should be a context menu next to the updater entry which lets you permanently ignore the update.

delete blockland glass

delete blockland glass
best suggestion I heard thus far, lol!. Although Glass can have it's perks

You can delete update.cs and version.json in the primary, and also delete GlassUpdaterSupport.cs in the client folder of System_BlocklandGlass. You might want to modify the server.cs and the client.cs to not look for these files anyways, but it's a good start....

I'm so used to closing the update tab whenever I boot up blockland, I feel like I can't get rid of it now otherwise I'll constantly think blockland is booting up and I'll just keep waiting on the tab to come up.