Author Topic: TechedSpy is "Hacker"  (Read 797 times)

So my hidden info giver chatted to me and he wrote to me:

Tech try something i think
(TechedSpy wrote to him)
Then I pressed f8.
Guess what happened?
Lol, nothing.
The great germany "hacker".

Yeah, and it is gay post

We Need To Defeat TeckedSpy!

as grimlock always says

autism unleashed

Wow Iím not even a coder and I believe it /support

je comprend pas
expliquez moi svp

fr tho what the forget eazy
are you high or smth
what is that stuffty """""""""code"""""""""""

i dont get any of this

It's a stuff hacker. /support

as grimlock always says

autism unleashed
You can only talk about autism.
Now you want to toxic me because I banned you for spamming and blocking on server.