Author Topic: Ace Attorney Trilogy is now available on Steam  (Read 490 times)

I'm glad you've seen the light my child. The church of superior gamemode welcomes you. Our divine Lord and savior Tournaments gives her blessing. Yeah our God is a woman so that's how you know our opinions are super correct

Real talk though ace attorney and ghost tricks are a few of my favorite games of all time and are real enigmas in game design. The fact that games with such stuffty to non existent gameplay can be held up purely by great character and story design is a real feat in video game production. It'd be cool to harvest thpse story oriented juices and inject them into a game with fun mechanics but so rarely can people pull that off without both dimensions fighting each other
games like ace attorney and other story-focused stuff (ex dangonrompa, firewatch) feel like a non-stereotypical "visual novel" to me - if the stereotypical visual novel is a romance, ace attorney is a mystery novel. dangonrompa would be like a suspense novel.

balancing story with gameplay is really hard cause fundamentally you want player engagement/immersion, and players generally lose a bit of that when going from pulling off difficult combos to reading and enjoying story/character development. often the people interested in story arent as interested in mechanics, and vice versa, so designers have to make tradeoffs.

i think its a good thing cause it makes games that manage to balance their mechanics and story out that much more special. like the colorset in bl - with a limited palette, you're forced to be more creative and make generalizations rather than just copying source material verbatim. the same reason why fine art still has appeal in a world where photography and high-fidelity computer effects are common and easy.