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Author Topic: Need suggestions for a weapon pack to use  (Read 384 times)

No clue if I should be posting this here but basically, I might, at some point, be hosting a basic DM in a big map where you look around for crates that give you guns - the catch is, the crate picks from a tier list and randomises what weapon you get, meaning you're more likely to get a low rarity gun over a higher rarity gun.

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share them.

SWeps got a huge update recently, and is pretty well suited for a gamemode like this

(Ignore this I didn't actually give myself time to look over the weps)
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dont do tier tactical its overrated

dont do tier tactical its overrated
Just saying "It's overrated" doesn't make it overrated, y'know.

You should use any weapon pack but change the damage values so it's tiered. Keep in mind that adding tiered weapons to any gamemode that involves pvp is a sign of bad game design. Tier should be based on the usefulness and versatility of weapons, not it's dps. A low tier pistol and a high tier sniper should be equally as effective in the hands of a beginner, but the sniper should be more rewarding to more skilled players. Skill being based around positioning, not your ability to aim.

An example would be a sniper that does more damage to enemies at lower elevation than you but reduced damage to enemies higher than you. Then you introduce a positioning dynamic to the game and skilled players with the sniper will learn to play the high ground which leads to them adopting survival mechanics when trying to escape once their high ground is compromised

Of course all of this requires tweaking on your part but I'd say it's much more rewarding than just rolling the dice and having x% chance of totally winning the round with absolutely no skill
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Just saying "It's overrated" doesn't make it overrated, y'know.
The only weapon in T+T that's actually usable is the sniper rifles. Every other weapon has a 90░ bullet spread and does like 5 damage per bullet.

personally i enjoy t+t for the drawn out gunfights. gunfights that end too fast dont lend themselves to tension.

you can optionally use the adventure weapon pack bushi made and i cleaned up; its slightly faster in combat than t+t and the guns feel slightly more distinct

I personally use either HK/AR, or
adventure weapon pack bushi made and i cleaned up