what'll it be chief

yes. it is in the word
2 (12.5%)
no. they are vegetables
4 (25%)
they came from the goo legume
2 (12.5%)
peanuts are just fruits armored up and ready for battle
8 (50%)

Total Members Voted: 16

Author Topic: he reat ebate opicᵐ ::: are peanuts nuts [smf is bad edition]  (Read 977 times)

discuss. embrace. become.
what is the true nature of peanuts? let us come to a decision as one mind.

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hold on.... let me finish tucking in the kids

it's a comic turned into a cartoon

On a teanup si yctualla a eeguml yummd, yverybode snowk stuff.

you cant edit polls good luck forget

peanuts are nuts, hit the longdoff button beetcheeks

as ceo of no wipe club i forbid peanuts from crossing over from the Place Between dimensions