Author Topic: Player Persistence isn't working  (Read 706 times)

I've enabled all the Player_Persistence addons when starting up a game yet noones items get saved when they rejoin, does anyone have a fix? Yes, I use a default minigame which could affect it.

That's most likely whats affecting it. It's loading the items, but then since you immediately join the default minigame it respawns the player with the default minigame inventory, at the minigame spawn point.

If you use the default default-minigame implementation (aka $DefaultMinigame = minigameObjectID;) rather than Slayers/whatever mod you use, it might fix it. Not 100% sure though

How do I get a mini games object I'd?


Thanks, I'll try that.

Yeah typing that getID command isnt working, any idea why?

what do you mean by isn't working?

what do you mean by isn't working?
Mentions something about getId being not found

try using dump() on the minigame object?
it should be under there somewhere

Did you put in your name right?

if getID wasn't found, then both the client and minigame objects existed, otherwise it would be a different error(?)

I suggested that because it sounds like he doesn't even remember what the error was.

the error message almost 100% the “cannot find function getID() on object ‘’” aka didnt actually get the minigame object (either cause it didnt exist or the code he put in was wrong)

You could also do:

$DefaultMinigame = Slayer.Minigames.getObject(0);

what do you mean by isn't working?
What if he isn't in the minigame

Are we using slayer or default default