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Edd - Christmas
Totally not cyberbullies

huh, why did it post?
basically they are richards who keep calling me names, asking about my age and making fun of me.
they are really loving stupid and keep bulling me. this doesn't help edd, because that person trolls for a living.
christmas on the other hand keep annoying me and it's stupid. he keeps insulting me because of my age too.

these people in common have on thing. they keep making fun of me for my age. even though im only 11 doesn't mean you should make fun of people for that.

go back to the mario computer

keep in mind, blockland was ment for kids, didn't turn out that way, but it was.
we have a loving 40 year old insulting kids  on the platform. keep in mind that I THINK christmas is right about my age.
and yet they come for me? i dont know why though. people need to calm down and realize that the game was ment for kids.
and now their is people like edd who insult kids for being on a lego game.

dont post again
you should try that and make a 6th alt!

For the record, Blockland wasn't "meant" for any specific age group, it was a game that Badspot made for fun years ago, and when more and more people stumbled upon his game, he decided to make it into a full retail game

you should try that and make a 6th alt!
oh shut the forget up you're supposed to be revoked

shut the forget up
oh shut the forget up you're supposed to be revoked
Maybe there's something that i missed here, but what is this hostility toward P1xel? Why is he "supposed" to be revoked?

did someone forget to change your diaper

merry christmas.
also what the forget are you talking about