Author Topic: Free* Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 [Steam] and Obduction [GOG]  (Read 1187 times)

Fine be apart of the corporate machine, don't come crying to me when you have no soul.
sure i have no soul but you have no freewill
epic roast (not clickbait) *prank*

Guacamelee is free on steam for some time if you didn't get it from the humble store

i dont want no guacmole bitch

forget i gotta make an origin account oh well

bump for some rayman looking rip off

wtf i didnt even know kao was on pc my mind has been blown

i have played kao on dreamcast before
this gun be good

kao the kangaroo round 2

kangaroos are cool also what is kao the kangaroo about
no i dont wanna be a kangaroo im not a furry k?

thank you rlcbm, very epic!