Author Topic: HDRI to Skybox tool (Blender) (Fast and easy way to make skyboxes)  (Read 127 times)

So I was looking at HDRI images and I was thinking how some of them would make great skyboxes. So I opened up blender and looked up a way to put HDRI images in blender then made cameras to snapshot each angle of the environment. The result works flawlessly and its really easy to remake (I'll upload a .blend file of what i used anyways)

Video Demonstration

- Replace the HDRI image texture with your own
- Render as an Animation
- Go to your output render directory and use the six images for your skybox

HDRI to Skybox.blend

HDRI Image I used

Thanks to Stealth Commander, he found a website that uploads .hdr images for free use.

Blender supports .hdr natively so there's no need to convert it