Author Topic: Projared cheated on his wife  (Read 3418 times)

who is projared
A guy that used to work for ScrewAttack who then moved onto NormalBoots and makes video game reviews

who is holly
Ross' ex-wife

who is ross, is he the guy from game grumps?
Yes, he was a part of their Steam Train videos

[img ][/img]
This is fake, just so people know

i dont know what i would feel if i got cheated on by a forgetin tim buckley proegrian ass game reviewer

ross is a angel who would cheat on him anyway

ross is a angel who would cheat on him anyway
hes so chad that he can sense when his partner is about to cheat on him and instead he cheats on them a second faster

oh god thats a big yikes apparently projared manipulated some of his friends to think his wife abused him

formal statement from normalboots (click image to expand)

So Holly is making contradictory statements and pulling the "Leaving twitter for a bit so I don't have to face the backlash" and PBG is defending him despite no proper arguments have been made against this.

im going to give pbg the benefit of the doubt: see (he also retweeted the official response from normalboots). it seems that he wasn't aware of the severity of the situation judging by the fact that he was not informed of the investigation against him and he naturally assumed that the whole issue was some dumb rumor or something until evidence was actually pointed out to him.
edit: he has apologized
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It's the end of the world huh.

its appropriate for me to open up about how i forgeted projared

protip: dont name your child jared

if u say projared does this mean ur on his side