Author Topic: denver first city to decriminalize magic mushrooms  (Read 1209 times)

anyone watch high maintenance? god damn good show

a lot of people. next question.
lol. I don't forget with psychedelics. I'm a lean guy, downers beat psychedelics any day. Your shrooms don't make the pain go away
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Remember your snow won't warm you in December.

Great let's go for cocaine and meth next!

Great let's go for cocaine and meth next!
these are not comparable to mushrooms

pros of weed:
eases pain
relaxes people
easy to grow, can be used medicinally
people realllly like using it
90% of people calling for it to be legal are just stoners

pros of shrooms:
be mario
jump on turtles
save princess peach
makes people delusional
often associated with feverish illusions
doesnt relax people, can do the opposite
doesnt ease pain, can do the opposite
100% of people calling for it to be legalized are just druggies

its hard to od on psychadelics but you’d probably suffer permanent psychological damage from the experience if you took a lot, or physical damage from doing dumb stuff while on it

edit: forgot to clarify “if you took a lot” - the point being the de-facto od level is far lower than the level required to physically kill you outright, due to the effects of the drug
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if you don’t set a safe environment and headspace it can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. it’s medical value it has on psychological health and disorders such as schizophrenia can not be over seen though. everything unova said was god awfully ignorant and reminds me that he still lives up to his reputation

all powerful psychedelics should be treated with respect. it should be emphasized that it is not a recreational drug

Get me out of this state!

I never asked for this!

everything unova said was god awfully ignorant and reminds me that he still lives up to his reputation

Aight oaksmoker. Neither of the drugs is medically proven to ease pain - but it's almost always accepted that Cannabis has some medical use - and is still generally disagreed on, but, has more research than shrooms at the moment.
Magic mushrooms - the stuff that was just legalized, has almost no medical research behind it - just user accounts. Here's a dude who literally admits that he has violent tendencies ONLY when using shrooms - and his friends on this forum all give him bad advice such as "Take higher doses". This doesn't sound right, lets look at a bit more official sources - wait. There are none pertaining to violence or pain relief from mushrooms. Here's a source which details that mushrooms make you less likely to commit crime over time - another nearly unheard of statistic. Oh, and here's a viewer account of "consistent despair and depression for at least three straight days". This is supported by other sources saying that there are both positive and negative physical and psychological effects. But then i'm lead in a circle again with official scientific sources saying that it can be used medically but needs more medical research. Who should I believe? Who knows. And, the demographic of people calling for this to be legal are just people who use mushrooms on the regular.

I don't think either should be legalized yet without more extensive research of their side effects, but Magic Mushrooms is literally the last thing we should have considered legalizing. It has almost no research in the field.

ok son u got me there... i think it has some medical use but most definitely a lot more research should be done first

damp btfo

thats good that you did your research unova, and it kinda clarifies the issue with legalization of illegal drugs. due to their illegal nature its very hard to develop (relevant, human studies) scientific research on them, but at the same time cant safely legalize it unless scientific research is done. real life classic catch-22 that only gets resolved by snail-pace legalization for medical use/medical study, as was the case with mj.

Anecdote is where it all starts. It’s important to remember that any substance you ingest /can/ have wildly different reactions from person to person. I’ve heard plenty of people say they became super angry or violent on weed. It’s the same reason why some people are allergic to ibuprofen or just about anything else. Everyone’s different, listen to your body.