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Hello fellow gamers. This weekend I will be opening up a new server that you will get to vote on. I've noticed that we have a lot of great gamemodes made for Blockland, but nobody seems to play or host them. That is why for 3 nights (Fri-Sun), I will be hosting the 3 top voted gamemodes. The times will be from 4:00pm-9:00pm (PST).
Vote here for the gamemode's you want to play.

Topic will be updated soon!

Voting will lock Thursday night.

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I don't see an other option

I don't see an other option
Sorry only the gamemodes I downloaded are available. More will be added at another time.

Hey somebody has to vote for something other than the first two super creeper and power panic.

the people WANT creeper

the people WANT creeper
You will get creeper plus two other game modes on two other days.

Hey somebody has to break the tie between Pictionary and Zombie Space Shooter, or I'm gonna have to pick the third one.

I will be unavailable Friday cause my Grandma wants to spend quality time with me and my brother. We’ll only be doing the top two votes game modes in the roster.

Hey, I'm gonna host creeper rn until 11:00am today and then I will host later tonight

Super Creeper is now open! Cmon in!

oof i got the bananaed