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is that the whole point of this?
No, I just changed since I was gone from forums, attention is not what I want at all. What I actually want is to change again but for some reason I just can't, so I have to stick to this personality until I can learn how to change.

edd probably wants to say not funny to me too much

That was a joke, a really bad joke.
Every post since your return says otherwise

how many times do I have to say it for u to hit the road

how many times do I have to say it for u to hit the road
im watching youtube videos be quiet

we just gonna ignore how CCC is just trying to "roast" people but is failing absolutely miserably. 7/10 of his posts are either insulting furries for absolutely no reason ( kinda suspect in retrospect ) or some other unfunny shamefully spurted out insult towards other people. you gotta wonder how old the dude is after 2 years on the forums and him having absolutely nothing contributed in terms of conversation but just bad "cursed" images and un-thought out flaming in threads where people don't want it

i laughed at this post

ike at unova's post

ccc its been 2 days im done waiting for ur response tar drinker

should i drama keaton