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i got put into a love dungeon and raped the first time i played so its lame and gay
people unironically played as prostitutes

i never had run-ins with administration on the server, but it felt kinda deathly boring even at it's high, and it felt even more lacking with a lower playercount and a larger map. it's that sort of classic mistake of 'bigger isn't better, bigger is bigger', and there are some areas of the map which are just plain obnoxious to navigate.
like, there's a good amount of areas that serve as jumping or navigation puzzles, and it makes no loving sense... on an rp server??? like, if the map being immense wasn't enough of a problem (and i wish it wasn't, because the scale of it can be impressive) having to awkwardly flap around these vague obbys to get from one point to another in rp doesn't help. and yeah, getting from one major civ to another takes like, 15 minutes or so. it's really not fun
when i was on the server, it didn't really seem super awful aside from the navigation issues. just kinda really boring and directionless, like all i could do was wander, find some items, kill or be killed eventually because some super-armored shmuck felt like it. it definitely feels like it has that super closed canon to it that makes it really inaccessible to newer players.
it's sad, cuz i like a good rp server and it seems fairly populated. but now it's passworded so i can't even try it.

i really dont like rp's in general

dm's are where it's at

i really dont like rp's in general

dm's are where it's at
direct message death match

My biggest problem with medieval roleplay is that it is way too big. Yeah the world looks nice and all, but some areas just don't have a reason to exist and it gives off an empty vibe.