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Author Topic: First Attempt At Building An Aircraft (Messerschmitt Bf 109)  (Read 1736 times)

Hey Guys! I Realized That I Haven't Posted In A While, So I Decided That I Should Share What I'm Currently Working On At The Moment.. I Also Might Consider Building A Stuka In The Near Future Aswell...

Messerschmitt Bf 109:
  • The Bf 109 Or Me 109 (However The Hell You Pronounce It) Served As The Backbone Of The German Luftwaffe's Offensive Capable Striking Force For The Duration Of WWII (Also In The Pre And Inter War Period) In Which Its Service Life Lasted From 1937 - 1945. The Standard Plane Or Model Featured Main Armaments Of 1x MG 151/20 (20 mm) And 2x MG 17 (7.92 mm) Along With The Optional Additional Side Suspended Attachments On The Aircraft's Air Frame (Specifically The Hard Point) Such As 4x SC50JA (50 kg) Bombs Shown In The Pictures Below...
Reference Image:

Raised Profile:

Front Profile:

Side Profile:

Recovered Footage Of German Pilots Conducting Reconnaissance Operations And Night Missions During The Second Battle of the Alps Circa. 1945

I'm Receptive And Open To Constructive Suggestions, Recommendation, Requests, Feedback, And Criticism. Also Feel Free To Rate As You See Fit At Your Own Personal Discretion...

*Note* I Did Indeed Build The Interiors And Create Other Variants Of The Plane I'm Just Too Lazy To Bother Showing Them... :P

really, really good stuff.

really, really, really good stuff

bruh thats really really really really good stuff

Brick vehicles are always a pleasure to see. This one is fantastic. really really really really really good stuff.

really really really really really great detail

Really really really really really really epic

Update: I Apologize In Advance For The Page Stretch...
Messerschmitt Bf 109 Alternative Color Schemes:
Afrika Korps Darker Cover Tone:

Afrika Korps Lighter Cover Tone:

Imperial Japanese Air Service "朝の太陽" (Morning Sun) Skin:

Messerschmitt Bf 109 Designation "Z" (Zwilling Or Twin):
Side Raised View:

Higher Side Raised View:

Top Down Perspective:

thats really really really really really really really amzing

Great color schemes, especially the Japanese one

damn these look superb, i especially love the last one

Really good, especially since it's a first attempt.

this stuff kinda got me horny dog

please tell me how you got those wire things?