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another lgbt only question whats your favorite kind of fruit ? mine is grapes
Strawberries are the way 2 go

what does that have to do with itthat's something a terf would say. forget terfs

"trans-exclusionary radical feminist
TERF (also written "terf") is an acronym for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist". Coined in 2008, the term is applied to a sensible minority of feminists who exclude trans women from women's spaces or do not consider trans women to be women."

i've put too much of my effort into this, i have more important things to do :l

yes get back to rotting in the blockland glass discord

first of all veterans aint stuff. nobody cares about 9/11 mourning it is just weird american patriotism
this is such a loving stupid and ignorant statement it baffles me that u would even say this
did u forget to consider the families involved or ? ?  i mean they probably care

first of all veterans aint stuff. nobody cares about 9/11 mourning

Reply to this thread if you have killed over 24 people within the last 2 weeks.

when u stop being tribal for 5 seconds so you can hate gays
remember forget cops and especially forget terfs
i mean blacks are still being lynched in the us so :/

Wait, that's literally illegal

Wait, that's literally illegal
Murder is illegal but that doesnt stop people

i dislike terfs and i also dislike the feeling in my teeth when i bite into ice cream

dead naming transmissions is my favorite sport.