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nobody is going to answer you when the question you are asking has every red flag of a person who knows nothing about the topic and just wants to cause drama.
if you are actually serious you can PM me and ill do the favor of pointing out what ill then believe to be innocent ignorance in your question
what the forget would even be my motive for this? we were always on good terms, i didnt even know you were also like this back then until you told me now.
forget you to be honest, you clearly never got over your narcissistic tendencies, i dont understand how your first belief is that ive been two-faced this ENTIRE time instead of me getting mad just now when i read your anti lgbt ‘jokes’
are you seriously implying i can see into the future? like i knew in 2019 you would make anti-lgbtq statements in the pride month thread so i decided to support you in 2017 to gain your trust? i havent even 'used it against you', i have said nothing about what we spoke about. the OD'ing was already public knowledge and from before i even spoke to you, you even had a photo of yourself on here with the vodka bottle that did it.

if anything im feeling used as forget, being there for you while you also think these bad things about myself, it feels gross

the american veterans get a weekend, 9/11 gets a day to respect the people killed, and homoloveual people get a whole month to go IM GAY!!!
first of all veterans aint stuff. nobody cares about 9/11 mourning it is just weird american patriotism now
To compare the issues homoloveuals have had in the united states(a country that is relatively welcome to them) to African Americans and Native Americans is a terrrrrrible look. They’re not even in the same category.
when u stop being tribal for 5 seconds so you can hate gays

remember forget cops and especially forget terfs

lgbt members can only answer this question whats your favorite kind of soda ?