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i was talking to you for a whole ass day and you still did it.

your parents told us you do this more often.

i cant advise anyone to reach out to you when you hurt them by taking the dive anyway no matter who says what.

the path to healing begins with putting down the crack pipe.

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someone get badspot or rotondo to ban his account

You were blocked because you were only seeking attention and sympathy when many of us have already tried, but there's only so much we can do for you, we're not licensed medical professionals

I understand that you crave the attention and sympathy because of where your mind is at right now, you're in a very weak and emotional state of mind, but most of us cannot physically help you, and there's only so many times that we can tell you to not to kill yourself, not to cause further harm to your body or your brain by overdosing on drugs, and wish you well before it starts to lose it's meaning

If you truly want to recover from this, you'll have to start making those advances yourself, we can't do everything for you, the most we can do is provide what emotional support we can, but that's only if you're willing to help yourself, otherwise things will just go nowhere and you'll only feel worse

Please, drop the meth, and actually seek help, and follow through with it

We've tried reaching out and talking to you, but that's all we could do, you have to be the one to make that push toward actually recovering, us talking to you isn't gonna do that

If you can actually make the advances toward bettering your mental health, then we can do our best to help you along the way, but if you just keep letting yourself fall further into this pit of despair, then there's nothing we can do to help, and by coming to us looking for sympathy while you've made no real progress toward recovering, then you're just wasting our time

Again, we do care about you, and we do want you to get better, but YOU have to want to get better, YOU have to want to push yourself through the necessary steps in order to recover and be able to move past this

If YOU want to be able to get past this, then YOU have to start pushing yourself for the better

meth is forgeted up and you need to get off of it, yeah. it aint tv entertainment, the real life stuff can and will destroy your life if you dont force yourself to get off of it, via rehab or otherwise.

if you have the sanity of mind, you can try reading beautiful boy to see how someone else helped his son through the recovery process. you may not have those resources, and you may have to make the drive to get better yourself without as much support.

the key takeaway from the book imo is relapse is part of the process and not a sign of failure, and progress is measured by the time it takes to get yourself off of the drug and how long the time is between relapses. eventually the next relapse never comes, and you can count the days to infinity.

I'm ok. Had a TIA and by the luck of god benzos calmed my heart down for it to not be a problem. This has been terrifying. Meth makes you so happy and careless. I sat in my car snorting grams of it sweating everywhere with my heartrate in the 200s and I felt great. This stuff kills and you will die happy. Please don't forget with meth.

One thing in particular that makes me cry is the fact that, after consuming a massive amount, I entered this super messed up statr of consciousness that I assumed I died. I read some reddit user's posts and... (Please believe me I'm not being a freak here) I witnessed a story where a semi aggressive poster kept hounding everyone to buy Bitcoin since it made him rich, then continued to posts crises stories about how his loved one left him and he got suicidal, changed his attitude to be even more of a richard, acted like he knew everything about finance and eventually bankrupted. He then turned back to his ex, who successfully worked hard and earned a solid job in computer engineering and... well, it sure sounded more significant to me since the details were incredibly detailed and the insults were savage, but, I thought I died. I legitimately believed I had passed away from insane meth OD and purgatory was walking the streets of saint paul, drivers following me, stopping from time to time to read about my would-be life if I only tried harder to be happier and enjoy my boyfriend. I've never felt so attached and appreciative of someone's efforts to improve themselves. For those that don't know, Ipquarx is absolutely KILLING it with jobs and school. It puts everyone to shame here tbh.

Apologies for losing my mind, I was committed to ending my life. stuff was loving scary when you collapse on the street and have serious risk for stroke. And you're all my best buds for showing concern. I feel legitimately loved. Also AMA

forget im glad you're not dead, hope you get better man, you're a smart and talented person
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stop posting and go to rehab now, your hooked on that stuff, get off of it

this is really shameless
wtf im sorry?  i already said in the pm I wouldn't respond

wtf im sorry?  i already said in the pm I wouldn't respond
"oh ok"

"oh ok"
who knew saying "okay" is the wrong answer to someone asking nicely to not respond to the ama, which i edited out