Author Topic: i ported the counter strike cv47 into blockland  (Read 3412 times)

- 3rd and 1st person LOD models
- recoil system i wrote in an hour at 3am designed to loosely replicate counter strike recoil (pulls up to one side and oscillates to the other side)
- ammo

.blend file

port more weapons from CS dood demonstrational video (good)
U getting pwned by bots hehe
very cool, to bad i no longer work on blockland :(

now port the player models

WOW, this weapon is awesome, and it does have the spray pattern of the ak47 from cs go.
The problem is that the bullets are not raycasting and the hands are missing from the first person model, but it still very impressive.I want to see more Cs weapons ported like this one, Good job

Player models and hands/arms would be tough because Port's exporter doesn't support armature animation. I'd have to use a prehistoric version of blender to get it to work