Author Topic: Create your own Blockland Forums Tier List!  (Read 2047 times)

i've had to create a loving twitter account for this

Edit: Added Mr Queeba, Trogtor, and Swollow in

Edit 2: Added cooolguy32, Writer the Wolf, K3k0m@n, Merp, Drydess, MrLoL, TlTO, IkeTheGeneric, Mr. Bones, Datiel12, Insert Name Here, Renousim, Stellarnaut, GreenBH, and celau.

Edit 3: Added GrapeJellyToastMan, Grieg Kaun, plexy, Bing2, - Jezza -, Dragonslayer182, eboyblue10, Outland Predator, The GI of MA, The Resonte!, Blockomaniac, SteveJenkins, King of the Bill, Kumquat, Badspot, Rotondo, Otis Da HousKat, Ladios, snot2, Ephialtes, Gamefandan, Ronin, skill4life, SWAT One, Kompressor, Khorde, Freek, KristoB, Marios, Eon, Rigel, UltraCraftGames, AltasBlue, RockyDoctor65, Bloukface, Pompmaker2, Total Logic, Luigi609, Master Blaster, The_Conman, Blue Screen, -Dave, WaffleToast, Vitawrap, Copy Kirby, Chip Car, DaBlocko, Bloo Kirby the 2nd, Goku, SuperSuit12, The Young Avenger, Timestamp, p0rtalGeek, Peebs, Buzzwaker!, Agent Legit 22, Badpost, Cheze, Blockchip, Blockhead22102, Twix, Tactical Nuke, Mad Hops Disease, Potatoh, Blockbyte!, Mouse droidz 21, Texan101, Nal, ahoy, Ayebee123, MicroEDGE, craftersshaft, MoleManFromMiddleMars, TheMrDoors, and SwiftHyena2593. Also, a bit of a warning, duplicates are now shown of past users, so just ignore them if you see them.
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If you're in normal it's because.
A. you're not memorable enough for me to put you in any other category.
B. I don't know who you are
C. You're normal.
D. I do know who you are, but the avatar overload made me gloss over you in particular.

should i be worried or thankful that i was put in MM's cool dudes list

This is objectively the worst tier list posted
I made it in like 20 seconds, I kinda just randomly dragged people to specific spots.

Probably doesn't help the ranks are in stupid meme format instead of F-S

what the forget matthew
Considering I’ve probably had more love than anyone on this forum and a member of NC this tl is bullstuff
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BOOM there it is
This is the most accurate anyone is ever gonna get of me.

So, are the list of people to pull from the last remaining active users?
Cause if so, thats kinda scary.

So, are the list of people to pull from the last remaining active users?
Cause if so, thats kinda scary.
I only left out the obscure users.
And Red Spy is on this tier list, despite the fact that he hasn't been online for almost more than a year.

Why is there a chad section if people play Blockland?